St. Olaf Stories

Real life stories by Rose Nylund

This Little Piggy…

You know, I was thinking how wonderful it is to have a pig living here. This morning I was all snugly warm under the covers and I opened my eyes. There was baby fast asleep at the foot of the bed, like a sweet angel.  

Dr. Spock

What does Spock know about raising babies? On Vulcan, all the kids are born in pods. 


When I was younger, I was known as the Dancing Fool. 

Sing Along

I know how we can make the time go faster. We could sing a work song, like they do on the railroad. Just follow my lead. 

Gonna stuff a chicken
(Gonna stuff a chicken) 
Like my Mama taught me 
(Like my Mama taught me) 
Gonna take the chicken
Down to Mississippi…

Missing But Not Forgotten

I’m sorry. I know I’m behaving like a fool. But I got a right to sing the blues. I lost my teddy. 

Big Sven, Little Sven

It kinda reminded me of a party back in St. Olaf when I was a little girl. Big Sven and Little Sven were celebrating the first anniversary of their smoked herring hoagie house, when Big Sven…

Sales Staff at Tuttles

They already look at me strangely. Because of the time I tried to special-order a double breasted navy suit with a drop-seat in the pants for cousin Wendell.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Oh, my birthday! I completely forgot! Well! I’d better make a wish and blow out those candles before Mr. Hickenlooper has the entire volunteer fire brigade up here pumping water on my clean kitchen floor. I swear, that man will look for any excuse to make that siren sound through his nose. Inga Lundqvist told me just this last week…

I know. Shut up, Rose, and blow out your candles.


Gee, I love to bake. Back in St. Olaf, I always baked all our birthday cakes. Charlie loved ‘em.